Client is a full-service online grocery store with the same quality products and low prices as a neighborhood Safeway. Customers can do all their shopping with just a few clicks, and groceries are delivered right to the door. For more information, please visit

Some services were too basic, others were too complex or required too much integration. Only SurveyAnalytics was "just right". I'm able to do very sophisticated analysis, but the surveys are simple to create and the data is automatically tabulated.

Preeti Nathan, Customer Insight Manager,


Historically, information collection was disjointed and more complex. Preeti Nathan,'s Customer Insight Manager, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the various online survey services, and ultimately selected SurveyAnalytics for its blend of high-end features (like Conjoint Analysis), its user-friendly interface and its value. Partnering with SurveyAnalytics has reduced the process to merely days and results in higher quality business intelligence for and a better experience for its customers.


In an effort to ensure the highest quality of satisfaction among users of its online home delivery service, created a new position that reports directly to an executive committee on a monthly basis. The objective in forming the group was to
  • Obtain scores on overall level of satisfaction for seven key customer "touch points"
  • Obtain customer opinion, via open ended questions
  • Analyze satisfaction trends in each of the seven areas
  • Receive real-time insights from responses to new initiatives, site changes, promotions, etc.


"Now that the data collection and reporting is automated, I have more time to read every one of the customer responses to our open ended questions," Nathan said. "The actual words customers use to describe their experiences adds tremendous dimension to the quantitative data the surveys collect. As a result, we're able to get better insights."

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