Customer Intelligence - Overview

The Enterprise Research Platform provides a simple automated solution for measuring customer satisfaction. The process begins by designing online satisfaction surveys using our intuitive survey wizard. Survey templates are also available for customization. The goal is to establish a baseline of customer satisfaction measures that can be tracked over time. SurveyAnalytics allows you to capture these metrics through the entire customer experience. Actionable results are available through automated notifications, and comprehensive reports.

Sample surveys available:

Net Promoter

Longitudinal Trend Analysis Tools

Action Alerts for high impact service recovery

CRM Integtation with Salesforce, Dynamics, Net Suite

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Transactional Surveys

Every interaction with your company counts. It may be buying a product, it might be obtaining a service. From cars to bagels to haircuts, those moments with your customers matter. Being able to capture the impression those transactions leave with your customers is crucial to retaining your existing customers and retaining new ones. It's cheaper to sell again to an existing customer than obtain a new one. SA is the ideal tool for your company to keep in touch with all those moments and all your customers and prospects. Surveys can be administered via the web or on smart phones, the choice is yours. You can get immediate feedback and give your customers and prospects immediate rewards. You also make sure you hear about critical issues immediately with email action alerts. You can turn a problem into a victory by getting instant information about how the transaction was rated. Make those moments count.

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Net Promoter Score

NPS - Net Promoter Score - has rocketed to popularity since its invention in 2003. NPS has become one of the core metrics of customer satisfaction. The idea, like all great ideas, is very simple. Just one question is needed - would you recommend our product or service to a friend or colleague? The original article in the Harvard Business Review used an 11 point scale, researchers have put forward that a 7 point scale is more effective. The idea is the same whatever the scale. Using the scores on this scale you can derive three classes of customers: net promoters, passives and net detractors. From the percentages of these groups within your survey results you derive a single score: the Net Promoter Score. A score of below 0 is not good, over 0 is good and over 50 is fabulous. The popularity of NPS is driven by its simplicity. No long surveys with confusing rating scales and endless questions. Just one question and one score that is simple to derive and interpret. That's the beauty of NPS!

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