Anyone who has ever attempted to capture market intelligence from hundreds of thousands of users spread across thousands of geographical locations representing numerous variables knows there are huge input and output issues. SurveyAnalytics has created a solution to address this issue, which it has put in place as part of a national student survey hosted by Google. SurveyAnalytics, using three key features of its hosted software program. Dynamic Lookup Tables, Sophisticated Reporting Functions and Customized Spotlight Report. Together, these three features solve the input and output issues as described above.

"This is an excellent resource that guided me while going through with my research online. It isn.t specific only to SurveyAnalytics tool but also is about the general principles one needs to stick to increase the response rates and minor tweaks in language to make the existing questionnaire more effective. I recommend that not only dummies but even people with some experience in online surveys read this book once.."

What's inside

  • Challenges
  • Solution provided By SurveyAnalytics
  • use of a Dynamic Lookup Table
  • Sophisticated Reporting Functionality
  • Customizing Spotlight Report