"SurveyAnalytics allows us to quickly and conveniently poll our clients to gauge perceptions, measure opinions, and gather data on the latest trends that pertain to our industry. Having this capability and data at our finger tips is what keeps us agile and responsible to the market."

Standard Question Types

Wizard based survey creation for easy control of all question and answer options. Virtually every question type is supported. If you don't see the question type you need, let us know.

Multiple Choice

Radio Buttons, Check boxes, Drop Downs and Select Lists.

Multiple Choice Single Answer

Choose one answer. (Radio Button)

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer

Check all that apply. (Checkbox)

Multiple Choice Multiple Answer with Validation

Choose exactly X of Y answers with validation. Choose as many as X of Y answers.

Open Ended Text

Text boxes, Numeric Validation and Email validation.

Essay Open Ended

Unlimited length essay responses. Customizable height and width.

Contact Information (Open Ended Text)

Consolidated contact information collection via single question.

Likert Scale

Strongly Agree...Neutral...Strongly Disagree

Semantic Differential

Horizontal scale ratings.

Constant Sum

Distribute values over answer choices summing to 100 with validation.

Rank Order

Rank answer choices with validation.

Multiple Choice Matrix

Multiple questions, Single or multiple choice answer tables or spreadsheets.


Validated Date/Time questions.

Search and Replace

Search and Replace text within the survey. Useful with Survey Templates.

Automatic Question Numbering

Automatic Question Numbering (including sub-section numbering) for Matrix style questions.

Survey Template Library

Access to hundreds of industry standard survey templates.

Copy Surveys / Questions

Copy entire surveys as well as individual questions for reuse.

Personal Survey Question Library

Create a library of frequently used questions to include in future surveys.

Copy questions from/to surveys

Copy questions and scales between surveys. Create your own "Question Bank" and reuse survey sections.

Folders / Categorization

Surveys can be categorized into Folders. Here you can create New Folders, Delete Folders, Move Surveys within the Folders and Set Permissions for the Folders.

Side-By-Side Matrix

Use Side-By-Side Matrix for gathering information on different dimensions for the same attributes.

Upload/Attach File Question

Allow users to upload/attach files on the Survey.

Dynamic Lookup Table

Create dynamic "Parent-Child" relationships (Eg. State->County, or Division->Dept.)

Reference Data (ZipCodes/Postal Codes)

Allow users to validate data against standardized databases like Zip Codes, Canadian Postal Codes etc.

Add-on Modules

Conjoint (Discrete Choice)

Conjoint Surveys with real-time reporting.

MaxDiff Analysis / Maximum difference scaling

MaxDiff Analysis (or Maximum Difference Scaling) to identify the best from all options/alternatives.

Text Analysis and Tagging

Analyze Text Data and segregate data in to groups.

Tag Cloud

Generate tag cloud (or weighted list in visual design) for visual depiction of user-generated tags.

Image Chooser/Ranker

Advanced Multimedia Type Questions with various data types and analysis options.

ACSI Index

Set up Survey using The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) an economic indicator that measures the satisfaction of consumers across the U.S. economy. It is produce\ d by the National Quality Research Center (NQRC) at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Advanced Questions / Survey Logic

Advanced survey logic gives you the ability to customize the path your respondents take through your survey. You can skip entire sections based on how your respondents answer. Quotas are also supported to ensure a balanced sample. If you don't see the exact survey logic you need, let us know.


Validation for required responses.

Randomization of Answers

Randomize answers choices to prevent bias.


Sophisticated multi-level branching and survey paging. Includes branching to the end of the survey.

Quota Management

Allow only X answers to a question with branching.

Complex Quota Management

Quota based on multiple questions and custom variables.

Extraction Questions

Dynamic questions based on answers to previous questions.

Text Piping

Dynamically replace question/answer text. Answer to question, answer to answer, question to question, question to answer.

Extraction with Text Piping and Looping

Dynamically present a series of customized questions based on answers to previous questions.

Randomization of Questions

Randomize the presentation of questions. Randomly display only one question.

Automatic Redirect

Once your survey is complete, respondents will be directed to the page of your choice.

Survey Panel Integration

Branch to survey complete, terminate survey, and over quota.

Survey Chaining

Use branching to chain surveys from one survey to another.

Compound Branching

Create branching logic that is controlled by the answers to more than one question.

Delayed Branching

Create branching logic that executes at any point in the survey.

Show or Hide Questions

Show or hide a survey question based on single or compound logic.

Show or Hide Answer Options

Show or hide an answer in a survey question based on single or compound logic.

Survey Design/Formatting

Surveys appear as any web page would to your respondents. Company logos, graphics and product concept images can be added anywhere in the survey.

Page Breaks

Add page breaks after each section of the survey.

Headers and Footers

Customizable survey Headers and Footers. Add HTML and logos into the header and footer of the survey.

Thank You Page

Customizable Thank You page.


Customizable buttons for submit and continue.

Back Button

Display 'Back' button on the survey allowing respondents to go back to the previous page to edite/review response.

Exit Survey Button

Display 'Exit' button on the survey allowing respondents to exit/close survey instantly.

Survey Progress Bar

Select the location of your survey progress bar. None is an option.


Complete branding of your survey. Insert JPG and GIF files, including your company's logo.

Unlimited Responses

Each survey can contain an unlimited number of responses .

Simple Survey Link (short URL)

Create a simple easily remembered link to your survey (e.g. http://election2007.questionpro.com).

Unlimited Surveys

Each user can create an unlimited number of surveys. Free licenses are limited to 1 survey.

Unlimited Questions

Each survey can contain an unlimited number of questions. Free licenses are limited to 10 questions per survey.

Multimedia Support

Insert music and movie clips, including flash, avi, mp3, quicktime etc.


Support for creating surveys in all languages, including double byte character-sets (Chinese/Japanese etc.) and Right-To-Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

Customized Thank You Page - Forward To A Friend

One way to increase response rates to your surveys is to enable your surveys with Viral Marketing or as we call it Recursive Invitations. The Recursive Invitation process allows end-users (respondents) to invite other users to take the surveys.

Customized Thank You Page - Spotlight Report

Spotlight Report allows you to share the results of your survey in a very unique way with all the users who took your survey. The Spotlight Report allows your respondents to visually see how their responses compared to the overall survey responses.

Customized Thank You Page - Review/Print

The Review/Print option allows respondents to Review/Print their survey response after taking the survey.

SSL Option

Enable SSL security on the Survey for completely secure data transfer.

Email / Address Book

A web link is automatically generated when you create your survey. You can use this link to publish your survey via email or your website. The Address Book provides emailing services for matching responses with email addresses, tracking survey views and completes and sending reminder emails.

Email Your Survey

Send a link to your survey via email.

Send an HTML email

Customize the Survey Invitation Email using HTML.

Mass Emails

Upload your email distribution list and send personalized emails to each of your respondents.

Track Responses

Track who has completed the survey and who has viewed the survey.

Send Reminder Emails

Send reminder emails to those who have not completed the survey.

Send Thank You Emails

Send automatic Thank You emails to respondents who complete the survey.

Other Ways to Announce

Website Link

Post the survey on your website.

Paper Surveys

Print your survey from MS Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Website Pop-up Surveys

Trigger pop-up surveys on your website.

Pop-ups - Every N Visitors

Trigger pop-up surveys to every N visitors at your site.

Pop-ups - Unique Visitors

Trigger pop-up surveys only to visitors who have not already taken the survey.

Collecting Response Data

Surveys are hosted on our servers. Responses are automatically collected and stored on our databases. The responses are available via the same administrative account where you created your survey.


Survey responses are collected 24 x 7 automatically and viewable in real time.

Making Survey Changes

Survey changes can be made while your data collection is in progress.

Email Yourself Responses

Automatically have survey responses emailed to you as they are collected.

Capture Email Addresses and External Data

Capture email addresses or external reference ID's automatically for linking with existing databases.

Save and Continue

Allow respondents to save results and continue the survey later.

Survey Security

Surveys can be password protected and you may also prevent multiple submissions from the same respondent.

Enable / Disable Survey

Survey activation/deactivation to terminate data collection.

Ballot Box Stuffing

Prevent multiple submissions from the same respondent.

Password Protected Surveys

Enable a password to access the survey.

Unique Password per Respondent for Surveys

Assign unique password to respondents for enhanced survey security.

Respondent Anonymity Assurance

Guarantee to survey researchers to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the respondents. The Respondent Anonymity Assurance (RAA) asserts that once it is enabled on a survey, although computer generated identification numbers for individuals will be generated, the survey researcher will not have access to both the respondent's email address as well as the response data at the same time.

Online Reports / Real-Time Data


Line charts are created automatically in real-time while responses are collected.

Summary Results

All of your survey results displayed on one page.

Share Results

Make your results public via a web link with optional password protection.

Basic Frequency Calculations

Multiple choice calculations are included in summary and individual question results.

Response Editor

View individual responses and delete any invalid responses.

MS Excel Export

MS Excel data export contains email address book stats, raw response data and basic frequency reports.

Raw Data Export

Comma Separated File (CSV) file export

Response Based Grouping Analysis

Create reports based on how groups of respondents answered to questions.

Time Based Grouping Analysis

Create reports based on time. Useful for Creating Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Reports

System Variable Based Grouping Analysis

Create reports based on Email Lists/Custom Variables. Very useful for creating meaningful segments of data for Reporting.

MS PowerPoint Export

MS PowerPoint export contains Reports with neatly formatted Graphs/Charts and basic frequency reports.

SPSS Integration

Create SPSS Command files and direct import data into SPSS

Multiple Criteria Segmentation and Analysis

Multiple criteria segmentation is a mechanism to allow for data segments across multiple questions. For example, you could create a data-segment where Gender = Male OR AGE > 25 etc.

Data Integration

Online Address Book

Online Address Book for address import, mailout and tracking of respondents.

Mail Merge

Seamless e-mail integration with company databases.

Custom/External Variable Capture

Transparent support for respondent ID sharing and tracking inbound to survey.

Track Respondent ID

Transparent support for respondent ID tracking and transfer to secondary survey or database.

ID Cross-reference

Customer ID import and export for respondent tracking and for followup survey mailout.

Crosstab / Segmentation and Banner Tables


A crosstab is the cross referencing or comparison of two questions to determine how they are interrelated. A crosstab gets its name from the layout of variable definitions into rows and columns.

Geocoding Survey Responses

Each response is coded with the respondent's location based on an IP address mapping.

Trend Analysis

The Trend Analysis module allows you to plot aggregated response data over time. Analyzing trends is useful in detecting patterns in survey responses that could lead to future quality problems, and in forecasting future demand periods.

Grouping Analysis

Grouping analysis gives you the ability to segment your data for analysis based on one or more survey responses. Enabling filters on your data offers the capability to analyze data based on gender or age for example.

Banner Tables (Tabs)

Banner tables allow you to visualize and view your data relative to a single question. For example, if in your survey, one of the questions is "Where are you from?" - You can see how different users responded to all the questions in your survey, based on that question.

TURF Analysis

Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis is used to identify a subset of items that, when taken together, maximizes the net level of consumer interest in a superset of choices. Example: you've just tested consumer interest in 10 proposed new ice cream flavors but marketing constraints only allow you to introduce three flavors. TURF can identify the three flavors that, taken together, generate the highest net level of interest for the total line.

Survey Analyzer / Dropout Analysis

With the Dropout Analysis option, you can dive into your drop-out rates (users not completing the survey.) The dropout analysis takes a look at all the users who have not completed the survey and gives you a snapshot view of where they "dropped out" ie. the last question they completed successfully.

GAP Analysis

Fundamentally Gap Analysis is a very simple concept. For each attribute, the difference between the expectation and delivery is measured and sorted from highest to lowest. It effectively highlights the attributes you need to focus on.

Data and System Integration Tools

Report / Data Scheduler

The Report Scheduler is a recurring and automated interface to automatically email reports on a periodic basis. Typically this is used in a long running survey (transactional surveys) where you have a continuous data collection stream.

FTP Data Upload

The Automated FTP Upload option allows you to receive periodic "data dumps" or reports that SurveyAnalytics generates for any of your surveys to be uploaded to an FTP Server of your choice.

Email Action Alerts

Action Alerts enable you to be notified immediately when someone answers in a particular way to your questions in your survey. For example, if you had a "Satisfaction" question and you would like send out an email to your Customer Service Manager, every time someone chooses a low satisfaction score you could use the Decision Support System to do this.

External Data Import

Import data already collected (via other means) into the system for TURF Analysis.

Website Intercept Surveys

Embedded Popup Surveys to post on your website.

Web Analytics - Google Analytics Integration

Full integration with Google Analytics to gain insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Web Analytics - Omniture/Site Catalyst Integration

Integration with Omniture/Site Catalyst with one place to measure, analyze, and optimize integrated data from all online initiatives across multiple marketing channels.

Language Translation Service

Professional Language Translations - Get Surveys translated at a click of the button.

Salesforce AppExchange Data Integration

Salesforce.com Integration

Automatically send your survey to your Salesforce.com database.

Multi-User Collaboration Tools

Multi-User Accounts

Add users under one organization with survey/data/report sharing access between accounts under the same organization. User accounts can share (optional) surveys with other user accounts with view, copy, or edit permissions. Folder and row level permissions are available.

Library Accounts

Library accounts allow an organization to create a standard collection of surveys that are available to their organization as templates. Users in the organization can copy these surveys to their own administrative account to conduct their own studies.

Customized Organization Stylesheet - Look And Feel Customization

If you are part of a Multi-User License, you can setup a single look and feel (stylesheet) that all users within your organization can use.