DigitalHands is a professional technical support company that manages desktops, servers and networks. Their extensive experience is proven through technical expertise and proprietary technology that enables them to meet and exceed stringent Service Level Agreements on a consistent basis.

SurveyAnalytics worked closely with us to develop a Customer Satisfaction Survey that integrated with Their simple interface and extensive reporting capabilities have enabled us to track customer satisfaction with little effort and at an affordable price.

Vince Rocca, CTO DigitalHands


DigitalHands uses to manage and track service calls for their flagship technical support solutions. DigitalHands wanted to send follow up surveys to each of the customers who requested support to gain feedback on the customer's experience. Furthermore, DigitalHands also wanted real-time alerts for customers who responded to the survey with a low satisfaction score.


After reviewing a number of custom solutions DigitalHands determined that having a hosted solution was the most cost-effective and efficient approach to meet their needs. Using the integration module, DigitalHands was able to pass data back and forth between their Salesforce CRM system and SurveyAnalytics. Working with the SurveyAnalytics technical team, DigitalHands was able to create customized alerts for notification of low satisfaction scores.


The DigitalHands management team has a dashboard view of satisfaction scores for each of the technical support representatives as well as detailed drill-down of individual responses within their CRM system. By gathering a quantitative measure of satisfaction on an ongoing basis, they are now able to analyze how this varies over time. Any adjustments in overall satisfaction may warrant some additional analysis to identify why the value has changed.

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