Transactional Surveys

A 5% in increase in retention can provide a 75% increase in profitability - Source - Bain & Co.

Customers are highly likely to respond and give honest feedback Within 24 to 48 hours of the purchase. With a simple email response (thank you for purchase) a link to a survey can be delivered - that captures key customer metrics, sales location, store information and ties the satisfaction score to the metadata.

Emails can be triggered by POS or CRM Systems

Custom Variables Encoded in the URL can pass in additional data (Store ID, Customer ID etc.)

Survey Link is a simple hyperlink in the email

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Service Recovery - Email Notifications

You get a call from the Apple Store Manager if you give a low score when you purchase from the Mac Store

Automated email notifications allow your regional/store managers to respond to bad customer experiences in real-time. Create customized criteria for automatic workflow handling of routing emails to appropriate individuals - Store managers and regional managers.

Customer information is included in the emails for quick response and tracking. Store managers can call affected customers immediately and resolve issues on a transactional level.

Notifications to Store Managers/Regional Managers on dissatisfied customers - Real Time

Real-Time Updates

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Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter is a customer loyalty metric developed by (and a registered trademark of) Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix. The most important proposed benefits of this method derive from simplifying and communicating the objective of creating more "Promoters" and fewer "Detractors" -- a concept claimed to be far simpler for employees to understand and act on than more complicated, obscure or hard-to-understand satisfaction metrics or indices.

In addition, the Net Promoter method can reduce the complexity of implementation and analysis frequently associated with measures of customer satisfaction, providing a stable measure of business performance that can be compared across business units and even across industries, and increasing interpretability of changes in customer satisfaction trends over time.

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Social Network Integration

The social Web / Media is an often overlooked resource full of excellent information. Whether you're building your brand, or just trying to find some information, look to social media sites to find what you're looking for. Here, SurveyAnalytics provide you with a tool that helps you make maximum out of the available resources / information online.

Allow customers to recommend your product/service via Facebook and Twitter

Get the Viral Loop

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Hierarchical Reporting - Store - Regional - National

Aggregation is commonly associated with loss of information. In contrast, SurveyAnalytics aggregation can actually enhance information down-the-road by deterring information cascades. In particular, when hierarchical tiers forward only aggregate recommendations rather than nitty-gritty details, it increases the uncertainty faced by subsequent tiers. This makes individuals at higher levels more willing to rely on and convey their own views rather than simply rubber stamping suggestions/opinions from lower levels.

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CRM Integration -

Survey Analytics Survey Platform - integration effectively gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate online survey responses with your database. Collecting feedback effectively closes the loop of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By surveying customers, you've bridged a critical gap in CRM by adding customer satisfaction to your list of CRM data points.

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Cross/Upsell Opportunities - Personalized

The easiest way to earn more revenue and profits is by selling more to current customers. They already know you. If you're doing good work, they'll buy from you faster than any new prospect.

Some well known Cross/Upsell Tricks:

Suggest the obvious

Expert recommendations help

Offer products of a different price range

Relevant suggestive selling

SurveyAnalytics custom applications offer all this and more. By continually seeking customer feedback, carefully timing your pitches, improving Employee Engagement, and harnessing a good understanding of the roles of each buyer, you can successfully increase your sales to existing customers.

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