iPhone Survey App

The surveyswipe application uses Apple's iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone to record survey results and export them to your computer for analysis.You don.t need an Internet connection while you are conducting the survey interviews. The surveyswipe app stores the results on the device(s) until you connect via WiFi or 3G and tell surveyswipe to upload the results to your surveyswipe Web site account.Surveyswipe is an easy to use substitute for paper-based surveys, questionnaires, checklists, forms and polls. The convenience of creating your surveys online, filling in while away from the office, and analysing the results using powerful Surveyswipe.s based tools.The completion of surveys has even been designed to be as easy to use as possible by non-iPhone users. This means you can give your iPhone or iPod Touch to someone to fill out the survey.

Mobile Research Solutions

Ethnography is a scientific research strategy often used in social science. It is often employed for gathering empirical data on human societies and cultures. Data collection is often done through participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, etc. Ethnography aims to describe the nature of those who are studied (i.e. to describe a people, an ethnos) through writing.

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