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Survey Template Library | Copy Survey Template - How to?

What are the different ways I can create a survey?

The answer here really depends upon what you have currently and what your needs are. The table below should answer your question:

Option Use
New Survey Use this option if you know what questions to ask.
Copy Survey Template Use this option if you do NOT have an idea of what questions to ask. You can copy any of our pre-defined templates and then edit it to fit your needs.
Import Word Document I have a survey written up already. I have it in a Word Document.

How to use Survey Templates?

Under My Surveys click on the Create a New Survey button. Select the Copy a Survey Template option and click continue.

1. Screenshot

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Select the Template Category. The Surveys from the particular category will load up. Select the required template. Also select the Theme for the survey and click on the Create Survey button. This will copy the template survey in your account. Now you can work on this survey like a regular survey.

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I don't see the right template. What can I do?

You can easily create your own custom survey from scratch using the tools provided on our website.

Try it out by creating a Free Trial Account. No software or programming skills required.

Are the Survey Templates free? Or is there a hidden cost?

The survey templates are provided free of charge simply to help you get started building your survey. We do not make any warranties for the the templates and neither do we charge for the templates.

What about the statistical validity of the templates?

The templates have been compiled using publicly available information as well as best-practice guidelines. They are provided as an aid to help you.

Can I post the templates on my site as reference material?

Yes, as long as you have a link. Copying the contents of the template to be posted on another site is not allowed. You can however put links on your site linking to the templates directly.

If I use and customize a template, will my survey be part of the library also?

No. Your surveys are yours and will not be published as part of the template library.

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