Integrating Third Party Panel Provider / Management Software

Can I integrate third party panel management software to distribue the surveys I create?

Yes, The Surveys can be programmed to integrate with third party panel / sample providers.

How does integration work?

Usually, panel management programs will distribute the survey URL that you provide them. They will want to pass in variables which they use to track respondents, into our system, so that we can forward these variables back to them after respondents complete the survey. We have already integrated the following panels with SurveyAnalytics.




Authentic Response


Generation Voice


You just need to select the panel that you are using in the drop down menu and save the changes, the redirection links are updated automatically in the system.

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

The panel I want to use is not in your list, what should I do?

Please contact us on support via Email/ Live chat. Depending on the panel provider you are using, you will be provided specific information. Please forward this to your Account Manger and our programmers will update that in our system.

See example:

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