Resend Reminders to Non-Respondents - How To?

How do I send Reminders?

Reminders can be sent to email batches for which you have used the Survey Tracking URL. To send Reminders Goto :

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Sent Items

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Click on the Send Reminder link for the email batch to which you wish to send Reminders.

Send Reminder option is available only for Batch Type = Normal

Reminders will go out to all email addresses that are under the Pending or Viewed status

Note: For reminders to work you will need to send the survey using the survey tracking URL. For more information click on the "Survey Tracking" link below.

Can I change the text in the email for the Reminders?

Yes, you can select either the default template or any of the custom templates that you have created. Before sending the reminder you will need to update the template. When sending the reminder, you can select the correct template and send. (Please see the "Edit Email Message" link below)

I have enabled the Save and Continue option on my Survey. Will the reminders go out to respondents who have used the Save and Continue later option?

Reminders are sent out based on the email address status in the delivery batch. If respondents have used the Save and Continue option and their response in the data base is incomplete then the reminder emails will be sent to these email addresses.

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