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What is the Popup Skip Count?

If you do not want all your visitors to respond to your survey, you can enter in a "Skip" Count. For example, with a skip count of 10, 1 random visitor is selected from every 10 visitors to your website, and presented with the survey.
A value of "0" disables this skip feature.

Where is this option?

Go To:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Popup

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

Enter the Popup Skip Count and Save Popup Settings.

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Survey Software Help Image

If you make any changes to popup settings, please make sure you copy the latest code and use that on your web site/page. Any settings changes affect the code generated.

I am done collecting my data - How do I disable the survey?

Please remove the JavaScript code from your website to disable the survey altogether. We do not recommend setting the popup skip count to a high value to simulate disabling of the survey. Doing so expends SurveyAnalytics resources and in general is a very ineffecient way of solving the issue.

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