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How can I upload Images, Logos, Multimedia Files in my Account?

To upload Images / Files go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Survey Options »  Images/Multimedia

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HTML Code: You can copy and paste the HTML code to display the image anywhere on the survey.
Set As Banner: Click on the Set As Banner link to display the image in the survey header. The link is a toggle link so to remove the image click on the Remove As Banner link.
Delete Image / Delete File: To delete an image/file click on the Delete link provided for the file.

How can I insert the image in the header of my survey?

Go to: Edit Survey >> Images/Multimedia >> My Image Library

Copy the HTML Code for the required image.

Under the Edit Survey tab click on the Edit Header link.

Paste the HTML code and save changes.

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How can I insert image(s) in the Question / Answer options in the survey?

For the images you need to insert, copy the HTML code from the My Image Library. When adding questions, simply copy the code wherever you need.

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The images will show up on the Survey.

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Can I upload/insert my company logo in email invitations?

Yes, upload the image under images/multimedia. You can use the HTML code for the image in the email invitation. Simply copy and paste the code in the email ivitation and the image will display. Similarly you can also upload files (Word/PDF, etc.) and use the URL for the uploaded file in the email invitation. This works similar to attachments and users can access/download the file using the URL.

What about the Intellectual Property rights of the images/multimedia I upload?

You own them and you are responsible for them. We cannot and do not monitor the content of the images you upload. If your images infringe on someone's trademark, copyright, patent or trade secret - it is your responsibilty and your liability.

Can I add watermark to an image?

Yes you can add watermark to an image. To add watermark go to:

Edit Survey >> Images/Multimedia >> Library.

Move mouse pointer over the image you want to add watermark on and click 'Copyright' icon.

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A popup will open. Enter/update the text watermark text, select font size and font color.

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Click on 'Save' button. A new image file with watermark will be created and added to Image Library.

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