Multi-User Corporate Sub-Accounts

Are there any requirements for a Multi-User License?

Multi-User Licenses are issued to the same company. Currently we only offer Multi-User Licenses with the Corporate and above Licenses.

How does pricing work?

All the tools and features available with the Main Account are also made available to the additional user(s). Currently we provide the following sub-account levels:

Monthly Corporate Sub-Account: $99/User/Month

Annual Corporate Sub-Account: $999/User/Year

The Sub-Accounts will be charged based on the Main Accounts billing cycle. If your main account is on Monthly billing then you will be charged a monthly fee for the Sub-Accounts. If the Main account is on Annual billing then the Sub-Account will also be charged the Annual Fee.

Where can I set up Corporate Sub-Accounts?

To add Corporate Sub-Accounts go to:

  • Login »  Surveys »  My Account (Top Right Corner) »  Multi-User Accounts

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I run surveys for multiple clients - How can I make sure that security is set correctly?

In order to make sure your clients cannot see each others data, you will have to create folders for each client/project. For each client, you'll need to set up a separate Sub-Account and make sure the security settings / permissions are set correctly.

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