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Mail Merge / Personalizing Emails - How to?

How to personalize emails that go out to the respondents?

Emails can be personalized and you can automatically replace certain variables with information uploaded along with the email addresses.

Following are the tags that can be used in the Email Invitation:

You can use the following variable substitution pattern (please use curly braces, not parentheses):

{FIRST_NAME} - First Name field

{LAST_NAME} - Last Name field

${custom1} - Custom Variable 1

${custom2} - Custom Variable 2

${custom3} - Custom Variable 3

${custom4} - Custom Variable 4

${custom5} - Custom Variable 5

${customN} - Custom Variable N

How to set this up?

You can use the variable substitution tags anywhere in the Email Invitation and also in the Subject field. You can access this under:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Send Email Invitation

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

How does this work?

When you upload the email addresses you can upload the additional information along with the email addresses. For information on uploading Email Addresses along with the replacement variables please see Additional References section below. When the email invitation is distributed, these variables (i.e. {FIRST_NAME}, {LAST_NAME}, ${custom1}, ${custom2}, etc.) are automatically replaced with the appropriate content associated with a particular email address.

Custom Variables can only be accessed with the Corporate and higher licenses.

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