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How can I enable the option to go back on the Survey?

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Can I enable/disable the "Back" Button?

Yes. You can enable or disable the "Back" link on a survey. However, due to logic considerations if you have a survey with logic (branching, extraction, looping, randomization etc.) the back button will automatically be disabled.

Can the respondents use the Browser Back button/option to go back on the Survey?

No, respondents can only use the back links provided on the Survey Pages.

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Can I customize the text for the "Exit Survey" and "Back" buttons?

No. At this point we do not allow for customizing the text for these navigation buttons. This may change in the future. This also applies to multi-lingual surveys.

Can the user go "back" multiple pages?

No. Currently we've limited the navigation back button to the previous page only.

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