Date - Time Question

How do I add a Date/Time question to my survey?

Under the Edit Survey tab click on the Add New Question link.

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From the Standard Question Types select the Date / Time question. (You may need to Scroll to see this question type)

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In the wizard enter the Question Text and Save the question.

Why use a Date/Time question ?

Date/Time questions store the date/time information entered by respondents in a special format. This format enables tools to filter data based on the dates entered by respondents.

Can I customize the Date/Time question?

To customize the Date / Time question click on the Settings link for the question.

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In the popup you can select from the given options.

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Validation/Response Required: Selecting this option will ensure that the date entered by respondent is valid.

Date and Time: Selecting this option will enable respondents to specify date and time as well. By default only date option is included.

Default to Todays Date: Selecting this option will set the date fields to the current date by default.

Year Range: By default the year range starts from 1900 to 2049. You can specify the required year range.

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