Spotlight Report - How It Works?

What is Spotlight Report?

Spotlight Report allows you to share the results of your survey in a very unique way with all the users who took your survey. The Spotlight Report allows your respondents to visually see how their responses compared to the overall survey responses.

Fundamentally the idea is very simple. When users take survey, after they complete the survey, they are directed to a page that shows the summary of all the other responses overlayed with their own response.

How does it really work - Details?

The Spotlight Report is essentially the same overall report (Real-Time Summary Report) except that for every respondent, a marker ("Star") is overlayed on the graphs and charts indicating their unique choice.

Can I see an example of the Spotlight Report?

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How can I effectively use the Spotlight Report

There are two ways that you can use the Spotlight Report to your advantage :

Share the Spotlight Report in Real-Time with the survey respondents. The Spotlight Report gives a great visual reference to how an individual's response compares to the overall population - Information is key - If you are asking users to fill out your survey, this is a great incentive for your survey respondents to complete the survey.

Email Spotlight Reports to key stakeholders and decision makers. This is applicable if you want to highlight a response from a key client to your boss. You can choose the Spotlight Report for that individual and email it.

How do I enable Spotlight Reporting on my account?

Currently Spotlight Reports are in Beta testing. You can enable Spotlight Reporting by :

  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit Survey »  Settings »  Finish Options

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Alternatively, you can load the response (for data that is already collected) via the Response Editor and then click on Spotlight Report
  • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Data Management »  Response Viewer

Can I add customized text to the spotlight report?

Yes. The "Thank You" text that you enter is integrated with the spotlight report. The Thank You text is shown on the top and bottom of the spotlight report.

On my Spotlight Report there is a trademark notice for SurveyAnalytics - Can I take that out?

No. SurveyAnalytics owns and asserts the trademark rights on "Spotlight Report" -- Accordingly, we cannot remove that.

Can I customize the chart heading text in the Spotlight Report?

Yes. You can customize the slide heading for each question in the survey. To do this just click the Edit link for the question on the edit survey screen. Then click on the analytics link to change the report and analytics settings. Just check the "Customize Report Text" option and type in the custom text in the exploded text box. This will change the report heading for the question on the report.

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How does the customized heading look on the report?

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