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One way to increase response rates to your surveys is to enable your surveys with Viral Marketing or as we call it Recursive Invitations. The Recursive Invitation process allows end-users (respondents) to invite other users to take the surveys.

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So - How does it really work?

When Respondent Recursive Invitation is turned on a survey, after completing the survey, respondents are presented with a screen to enter in the email addresses of other users who they think should take the survey.

Respondents can enter up to 10 email addresses. SurveyAnalytics will then automatically send a link to your survey to those users immediately.

Those users in turn can then further invite more users to take the survey.

As a survey administrator do I get a copy of all the email addresses that my respondents enter?

No. SurveyAnalytics will NOT PROVIDE you with the email addresses. This is done primarily to protect the privacy of the end-users. SurveyAnalytics will however send one email invitation (and only one email) to the email addresses that respondents enter. SurveyAnalytics will not store that email address for any other mailing or distribution.

Can I view the % of my responses that came through referrals vs. those that are direct?

No. As of now, this is not possible. We however anticipate adding this to our reporting toolset to expose the recursive referrals vs. direct respondents. In our tests, we've seen over 50% responses from recursive referrals.

Can I have some sort of an incentive (higher probability of winning a prize etc.) for users to invite more participants to the survey?

Since SurveyAnalytics does not manage the incentives, this is not possible at this time. We however anticipate adding this as part of a future upgrade.

Can I change the email text that goes out as part of the invitation?

The email text that goes out is the same as the invitation to the survey. To edit/customize this:

  • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Send Email Invitation

Multi-Lingual and Internationalization Note :

This feature currenltly is ONLY AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. Translation of this feature is not available in any other language.

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