How do I make a copy of my survey -- to use it to create my next survey ?

How to make copy of a survey?

All surveys are listed under the Surveys tab. To make a copy of the survey

1. Click on the Options drop down for the survey.

2. Click on the Copy option.

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

3. Specify the name for the copy and set the destination folder to copy the survey

2. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

An identical copy of the original survey with all the questions and formatting will be created for you.

The copied Survey is not functioning like the original survey?

Although most of the branching / logic is copied over, you may have to reset the logic / branching for some questions. When you copy a Survey: please test it and update the logic wherever necessary.

Randomizer logic is not get copied when copying a survey with randomizer.
The copy of the Survey will be placed in the Main folder. Once the Copy is created, you can rename it and move it to any of the folders that you have in your account.

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