Constant Sum Question Type

What is a Constant Sum type question?

The Constant Sum Question A constant sum question permits collection of "ratio" data, meaning that the data is able to express the relative value or importance of the options (option A is twice as important as option B).

Example: The following question asks you to divide 100 points between a set of options to show the value or importance you place on each option. Distribute the 100 points giving the more important reasons a greater number of points. The computer will prompt you if your total does not equal exactly 100 points.

When thinking about the reasons you purchased our TargetFind data mining software, please rate the following reasons according to their relative importance.

Seamless integration with other software __________

User friendliness of software __________

Ability to manipulate algorithms __________

Level of pre- and post-purchase service __________

Level of value for the price __________

Convenience of purchase/quick delivery __________

Total 100 points

How to add a suffix (i.e. $, % etc) to Constant Sum questions?

You can set up suffix for each answer option. To do so click on the Settings link for the Constant Sum type question.

1. Screenshot

Survey Software Help Image

Enter in the required suffix for the answer option and click on the Save Question button.

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Survey Software Help Image

On the Survey the suffix will show up for each text input box.

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Survey Software Help Image

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