Branching / Skip Logic - How to?

What is Branching / Skip Logic?

Branching / Skip logic gives you the ability to create "intelligent" surveys. For example, it wouldn't make sense to ask questions about married life to someone who is not married. Using branching / skip logic you can ensure that only relevant questions are displayed to the appropriate respondents.

How to set up Branching?

Before setting up Branching logic you should set up the entire survey with all the questions.

Step 1: Click on the Add/Update Logic link for the question on which you wish to set up (base) your branching logic.

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Step 2: Select the Branching / Skip Logic option and click on the Setup Logic button to go to the next screen.

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Step 3: Select the destination question from the jump to list for each answer option and click on Update Branching Information button.

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When branching is setup for a question, a page break is automatically inserted. This page break is necessary for branching to function properly and cannot be removed.

What are the different Jump To options?

Survey Questions: You can select from any of the questions that are after the source question.

Terminate Survey: Select this option if you wish to terminate the survey for respondents. (For more information please see Additional References\)

Go To Thank You page: Select this option if you wish to direct respondents to the Thank You page. Response will be marked as a complete response.

Chain Survey: Select this option to take respondents to a different survey. (For information please see Additional References)

What is Default Destination branching?

The Default Destination branching is the fallback logic that gets executed when no other logic gets triggered. For more information please visit the Default Destination help link under Additional References.

Some important points to remember...

You can only move forward in the Survey. It is not possible to go back to questions that have been already answerd. Therefore you can only set branching to questions that are later on in the survey.
If you want to change the order of the questions in your survey, you should first evaluate any impact on the branching. If you reorder a survey so that the question that followed the branching logic is now before the question that contains the branching logic, the branching logic will not work.

See example:

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