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The Survey Analytics Platform is the On-Demand framework that powers SurveyAnalytics. Integrating back-office systems like CRM, Trouble-Ticketing etc. with your survey database is achieved via open and secure standards like SOAP, SSL, XML and HTTP.

The Need

Integration with other systems is often necessary to maintain a unified system-of-record. CRM Systems like Salesforce.com, Siebel etc. are the system-of-record for customer data for many companies and different business functions rely on that. It is important for IT departments to have a cohesive dataset as part of the overarching company-wide strategy. The Survey Analytics Platform enables marketing departments to create and deploy surveys easily without the need for IT and relieve strapped resources but at the same time being compliant with the overarching company-wide data-warehousing strategy.

Survey Analytics Platform Architecture

The Survey Analytics platform is the on-demand framework that powers SurveyAnalytics's Survey Software. Built on platform independent technologies like Java, XML, HTTP and XML-RPC, integration partners can pick and choose their development tools to integrate with. The core of the system is a three tier client server architecture. The platform is divided into tiers, each with a specific function for delivering a secure, scalable, high availability system. The presentation (front-end) is coded in in a mix of HTML on Apache and Java Server Pages on Resin in a cluster of servers. The presentation tier is supported by a Java midddle tier on Resin and a MYSQL database on the data tier. The standards based architecture allows for a multitudes integration strategies. A web services API is supported for calls from external systems.

Developers Build highly customized, integrated, company-specific data-collection systems using the development platforms and languages of their choice

IT Departments/Professionals Create modern, standards-based enterprise data-collection and analysis strategies by integrating the platform with existing ERP systems, security systems, email systems, and Web sites

ISV's and Partners Develop add-on solutions that complement and enhance the value of both your service offering as well as ours.

For information on the SOAP and XMLRPC API please visit: Developer API
Webservice Developer API


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