Using Question Library - Copy Question To Library

Question Library:

It is your personal question library where you can add frequently-needed questions. You can create and maintain your library from which questions can be easily added to any of your surveys. For those with multi-user licenses, My Question Library can also be shared with subaccounts.

How do I create my personal question library?

  • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Under the Edit Survey tab click on the Copy icon for the question.
  • Select the Copy to Library option and Copy Question.
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  • The Question will get added to your Question Library.

To add a question from your personal library or from another survey in your account:

To add a Question from your personal library or from another survey in your account:

  • Click on the Add Question button.
  • Click on Library.
  • Select the My Question Library option or select the name of the survey you wish to copy the question from.
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  • Select the question(s) and click on the Click on Save button. The questions will get added to the Survey.

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How do I edit questions that are currently in question library?

Go to:

  • Click on Surveys tab
  • Click on drop-down menu of the name of the folder
  • Select Question Library
  • Click on Edit icon and edit the question
  • Click Save
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How do I delete a question that is in question library?

If you want to delete the questions in the library, click on Question Library in Surveys tab and click on delete icon

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How can I share My Question Library with subaccounts?

  • Login >> Surveys
  • Click on Question Library
  • Click on Share Folder and add the sub-account with whom you wish to share the Question Library
  • Check on Save Changes
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This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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