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It is imperative that your survey gives a very high brand recall and motivates a higher number of people to respond to your survey. To this effect, the QuestionPro Survey Platform allows you to fully customize the survey.

How can you customize the survey look and feel?

To change the theme for your survey go to:

    • Login »  Surveys »  Edit
  • Click on Interface.
  • Under Themes, there are options to customize the look and feel of the survey.
QuestionPro Standard Themes: We provide professionally designed standard themes. Each theme is carefully designed so the look and feel is uniform irrespective of the platform, browser, or device. Our themes use the latest technology so answering surveys is a lot easier, simple and fun. All of our themes and surveys are fully mobile-friendly. You can select a theme from under Standard Themes. Use the arrow pointers to navigate through the themes.

Custom Themes:

There are three different types for custom themes-

Survey Customized: You can create your own theme and save it. This theme will be only for the specific survey.

User Customized: You can create a theme that will be applied to all the surveys in your own account.

Org Customized: You can set a theme for your organization and it will be applied to all the surveys in your account and also any sub-account (if any)

You can customize the following elements on the survey while customizing the theme.

  • Background
  • Title Bar
  • Answer Hover
  • Buttons
  • Font Size
  • Font Family
  • Survey Width
  • Survey Software Help Image

How can I exactly match colors with my brand colors?

You can either select the color using the color picker or you can enter the HEX value for the color. For more information on color codes, please visit:

Or you can contact us on live support at:

Full CSS Control

We provide full css control to customize each and every element on the survey. You can access this by going to Custom CSS. You can load any of the standard themes to start with.

  • Full CSS control requires knowledge of CSS – Cascading Style Sheets.
  • Please note that we provide only limited support for CSS.
  • Survey Software Help Image

How can I find the HEX value for the colors on my site?

Easiest way is to ask your designer/developer or the IT team for the HEX code. Or you can use the following steps:

  • Using Print Screen, take a screenshot of your screen/desktop
  • Open/paste it in any image editing software that you have
  • Use the eyedropper (color picker) utility to get the HEX value for the color required


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

Custom CSS: Corporate and above

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