Viewing the sent invitation history

Where can I see the history for sent invitations? To view history or sent items go to:
    • Login »  Surveys »  Send Survey »  Sent Items
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Click on the number links and a popup with additional details will appear.

Survey Software Help Image

  • Batch ID: Unique identifier for each email batch.
  • Timestamp: Date and time when the email batch was sent. Clicking on the timestamp will open the invitation used in a popup.
  • Email Group: Name of the email list.
  • Initial Sent: Total number of email addresses to which the survey invitation email was sent.
  • Participation Pending: Respondents who have received the email but not yet opened or started the survey.
  • Viewed: Respondents who have viewed the email but not yet completed the survey.
  • Completed: Respondents who have completed the survey.
  • Participation Rate: This denotes the percentage of respondents who completed the survey.
  • Batch Type: Batch type will be either Normal or Resend.
    • Normal Batch: When the email invitation is sent for the first time, it is considered a normal batch.
    • Resend Batch:When the Send Reminder option is used to resend the survey, the batch is labeled as resend batch.
    • Scheduled Batch: When you use Schedule invitation option you will be able to see the logs here.
    • Export Batch: When you export a list for external distribution you will see the history here.
  • Send Reminder:Use this option to resend the survey invitation to respondents who have not yet completed the survey.