Finish Options

Finish options:

Finish Options decide what the respondent will see after he/she completes the survey. More like a landing page.

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What are my options?

Standard Options:

  • None: The respondent will land on QuestionPro’s default landing page.
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  • Thank You page with link: You can design your own thank you page with a redirect link and customized message.

Advanced Options:

  • Automatic Redirect: It gives you the ability to set a predefined webpage where you want the respondent to get redirected after the completion of the survey. That means they will not land on to QuestionPro’s default page at all.
  • Spotlight Report: It displays the respondent answers compared to the overall results. You can also create data filters to display a filtered result only.
  • Forward To Friend: Allows the respondent to forward the survey to others.
  • Review/Print : Give the respondents the option to print their survey.
  • Rewards: You can distribute rewards to your respondents based on various criterias.
  • Panel Integration: You can integrate with other 3rd party panels to buy respondents for your survey.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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