Creating survey invitation email

There are two types of email templates:

Survey Specific Invitations: This template will be visible and can be used only for a specific survey.

Global Invitation: This template will be visible across all the surveys in your account.

Survey invitations can be accessed under: Login >> Surveys >> Deploy >> Email Invitations

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  • Default template: For each survey a default template is provided.
  • Create Email Invitation: You can create new Survey invitation.

How can I create a new Survey Invitation?

  • Click on Create Email Invitation.
You can edit the following:
  • Template Title
  • Subject: Subject for the email / survey invitation.
  • Message: Text for the invitation. You can use HTML in your invitation text. You can also insert images or attach files using HTML. Check How
  • You can also add variables to pre-populate data.
  • After designing the invitation click on Save.
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Note: Survey invitations are survey specific. Please make sure you have selected the correct survey. Active survey name is always displayed at the top right corner.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above