Multilingual Surveys | Languages - How to?

SurveyAnalytics supports fully multilingual surveys. We offer 70+ languages that you can choose from. We also keep adding languages upon request.

How can I change the default language for my surveys?

Go to: Login » Surveys (Select Survey) » Edit » Languages

Click on the Language and select a language that you want to make the default language for the survey.

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How to add languages to create a multilingual survey?

Click on the Add Languages button.

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Select the languages you wish to add and click on the Save Changes button.
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Selected languages will get added to your survey.
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As soon as you add a language, Screener Question gets added. The first page of the survey is for language selection.

Next, you will have to add/upload translations for the newly added languages.

How to import translations for languges?

Once you have added languages, on the left navigation menu, click on Import Translations

  • Download the import template for translations.
  • Add translations to this excel file.
  • Click on the Import Translations button and select and upload translations.
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It is best to add languages and import translations once the survey is created and finalized in the primary/default language.

Can I add translations manually?

Yes, translations can be added manually. To do so, click on Manual Translations menu.

  • By default, you will be in the General Text Translation section.
  • Here you can add translations for the header, footer, survey buttons, etc.
  • Select the language you wish to add translations for.
  • Enter your translations for the language. Changes will be auto-saved.
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For Question & Answer Translations first select the tab.
  • Select the question and enter your translations.
  • You can check the progress bar to keep track of pending translations.
  • For the incomplete translations for questions, the drop down arrow will be red.
  • Once you enter translations, the drop down arrow will turn green.
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If there are missing translations on the survey, when taking the survey, you will see them in red.
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Go to the languages page and add the missing translations.

What options are available for the languages?

Once you have uploaded translations, the progress bar will be at 100%.

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You can now preview, print, or download the survey in specific languages.

If you wish, you can also delete a language that you don't need.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Edition and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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