Community - Live Discussion Session.

Live discussion portal is where you can schedule a live discussion on your Community and have send a opt in survey to all your members. On invitation acceptance the member will be notified with the Discussion link. This way you can interact with all your panel members at the same time.

How can I add a Live Discussion Session?

  • Step 1: Go to: Communities >> Modules >> Discussions
    • Turn on the Discussion option.
    • Survey Software Help Image
      Survey Software Help Image
    • Click on the Schedule Live Discussion link.
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  • Step 2:
    • Title:Enter the title for the community discussion module.
    • Description:Enter the description in this field about your community discussion.
    • Status:Change the status to active or closed.
    • Session Type:
      • Group - Multi-User Collaboration:In this session type members can chat with each other along with the community admin.
      • One-On-One - Moderator:Select this session type only if the admin or member wants to chat in private. Messages from members/admin are not visible to other community members.
    • Limit Session - Time Window:Set the start date/time and end date/time for your community discussion.
    • Criteria:Select the criteria to chat with the filtered members.

What type of analysis/ reporting do I get for Discussion Live Session?

You can export :

  • Download the profile information for all the participants
  • Download the Discussion Transcript

How can I show a video during the live session to all the participants?

All you need to do is initiate a white board and put the video Embedd code and paste it on the white board. You can also share other html/ multimedia content with the participants.

How does the discussion looks on members community portal?

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