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Mobile surveys engage people at the point of experience to ensure that the survey data collected are timely and accurate. With SurveyPocket you can conduct these surveys on smart phones and iPads even when there is no connection available to the internet. The data is collected and stored, it can then be uploaded when you are connected to the internet again.

Make sure your internet is stable. In case of any connectivity issues, the data might not be collected properly.

Possible Applications:

  • On-site surveys - Rapidly develop and deploy complex and multilingual surveys on a variety of mobile devices. Interviewers engage people at the point of experience to ensure that the insights collected are timely and accurate. Examples of these are prospect information at trade shows, customer satisfaction surveys after movies/shows or exit polls.
  • Post Class/Training Evaluation - Present a survey for feedback on training sessions right after the session ends.
  • Personal mall intercept survey - Mall intercept surveys are widely used and able to reach a large segment of the population. In any given two-week period, about 2/3 of U.S. households shop one or more times at a mall. According to a CASRO membership survey, about 25% of all marketing research and 64% of personal interviews are conducted at malls.

SurveyPocket Features:

  • SurveyPocket collects GPS data of where the survey was administered.
  • SurveyPocket will collect the unique smart phone UID if used on smart phones.
  • SurveyPocket will collect response information until the smart phone/iPad is connect to the internet and will then upload the data.
  • SurveyPocket can have multiple questions on one screen in a survey.
  • SurveyPocket has a simple UI so training is kept to a minimum.
  • SurveyPocket can cope with any language required.
  • SurveyPocket works on iOS(7.0+, recommended 8.0 and above) and Android(4.0+).
  • SurveyPocket work exclusively with the SurveyAnalytics ( survey platform.

To download the app for free from the Apple AppStore Click here for SurveyPocket Mobile App

You can access all your surveys on the SurveyPocket Mobile Field Surveys App.

Survey Software Help Image

SurveyPocket App uses geolocation to collect location information. This data is saved along with the survey response. If required the GPS location data can be separated from the response.

Survey Software Help Image

On the survey you can use display text to provide information about the survey. This is useful to provide a brief summary of the survey / research.

Survey Software Help Image

Below is an example of a multiple choice type question.

Survey Software Help Image

Below is an example of a Scale Graphical question.

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You can also have users input their comments using Open Ended Text questions.

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The survey process is very simple and data can be synchronized with your online account.

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Please do not change / edit the survey once you start live data collection on your iPad.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Corporate Edition and above- Buy Now - $75/Month

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