Validation Message | Remove red asterisk - how to?

When questions are validated, by default, validation messages are enabled. On the survey header, the message: Questions marked with a * are required will show up. You can edit this message if desired.

How can you edit a validation message?

To edit the validation message, go to:

  • Surveys » Edit » Interface » Navigation
  • Under Validation Message, you can toggle the validation message on or off.
  • Turning the Validation Message on will show the validation message.
  • Turning the Validation Message off will remove the validation message. This will also remove the red asterisk next to validated questions.
  • To update the text displayed, enter new text in Message Text.
  • Click Save Changes.
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Multilingual Surveys - Validation Prompts

For multilingual surveys the validation prompts can be edited to display in the selected language.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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