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What is Ad-Hoc Querying?

The Ad-Hoc querying tool allows you to search your survey database for arbitrary criteria. For example if one of your questions in your survey is Location you can quickly search for all users who are in a particular (or a set) of location.

How do I access the tool?

  • Login »  Surveys »  Analytics »  Data Management »  Search

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Can I use the Ad-Hoc query tool to search through Open-Ended text?

Yes. Using Ad-Hoc querying tool you can search for text data from the collected data.

Before searching for text data please make sure to Create/Refresh Text Index.

What are the three different search mechanisms?

Depending upon your query criteria (to narrow down your searches) you can search based on the following :

Text Data - This searches through the open-ended (comments etc.) fields that your respondents have entered in.

Analytical Data - Use this to search for users who have responded to any of your multiple-choice questions.

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Groups/Segments - This is really an extension of the Analytical Data - If you have pre-defined groups and segments, you can search through them.

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