Survey Distribution History

Once you send your survey invitation you can track its details under distribution history. It helps you keep a track of your actions performed.

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Batch ID:

Each ‘send’ has a unique Batch ID associated to it. This helps us identify the sent items and differentiate between them.


It displays the date and time of when the invitation was sent. If you click on the timestamp you will see the exact invitation that was sent to the respondent.

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Email group:

When you create an email list, you name the list with a unique name. It is easy to recognize which email list are we dealing with.

Initial Sent:

It is a count of the respondents the email invitation was sent to. If you click on the count, the email addresses associated will pop up, along with the ‘status’ of the individual respondents. You can also download a Excel/csv report of those email addresses.

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Participation Pending:

It is a count of the respondents who received the invitation but did not take the survey.


It is the count of respondents who started the survey but did not complete it.


Count of the respondents who completed the survey.

Participation Rate:

The system calculates a % based on the ‘number of email invitations sent’ in comparison to the ‘number of surveys completed’.

For example:

Completed= 5

Total sent= 10

Participation rate= 5/10 *100 = 50%

Batch Type:

A batch type can be “Normal”, that is when a fresh invitation is sent to the particular email list.

Another batch type is “Resend” which appears when a reminder is sent to that particular email list.


Completed- If the sending has gone through successfully.

Queued- If the sending is still in process. This happens when the email list is too huge.

Send Reminder:

You can send a reminder to the respondents who have not completed the survey. Check How

Note : If you have sent an anonymous survey link to the respondents, then the survey distribution history numbers won't update as system will not be able to detect or track the respondent's email address.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Free License and above

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