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 We all know that finding the right 3D print settings can be a pain at the first time until we made our experiences. Searching in communities can be one solution but this takes a lot of time, especially if you have a special printer, use a new filament, or if the community is not very big. 
For this reason, I started to collect the existing knowledge in a database with the target to share the results of the best print settings with you. If you like the idea and if you are interested in the experiences from other users, it would be great if you help extend this database by sharing your experiences with the community. If you are interested in the results achieved and the progress made, you can leave your email adress below if you want.  

Print Settings
Printer ModelFilament Name (Producer, Type, Color, Diameter)Nozzle Temperature (Degrees Celsius)Bed Temperature (Degrees Celsius)Printing Speed (mm/s)Layer Height (mm)Additional Recommendations (First Layer Height / Printing Speed, Fan Speed, Infill (%), Bed Adhesion Tips, etc.)
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