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When respondents take your survey, it is customary and good practice to thank them for their time spent in giving you feedback. You can setup your survey to automatically send out these "Thank You for taking the survey" emails.

How can you set up a thank you email?

You can enable this option under: Login » Surveys » Edit » Notifications

Check the checkbox next to Thank You Email and click the Settings link.

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From here you can edit email notification, such as email type, subject, thank you message and even add Attachment. You can also add custom variable if required. To save your changes, click Save Changes.

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You can also use HTML in the Thank You email

For Email Notifications to work:

You should either use QuestionPro Email Management tool with Respondent Tracking or you should include an open ended text (Email) type question for respondents to enter their email address on the Survey.

From which email address will the Thank You emails be sent?

The From Email Address for the Thank You emails will be the email address mentioned under the From Email field in your Survey Invitation.

Can I use custom variables in the Thank You email?

Yes, To display the Custom Variables on the Thank You page, you can use the following tags for the corresponding Custom Variables:

  • Custom Variable 1: ${custom1}
  • Custom Variable 2: ${custom2}
  • Custom Variable 3: ${custom3}
  • Custom Variable 4: ${custom4}
  • Custom Variable 5: ${custom5}

What are the Email Type options?

You can either send a simple "Thank You" email or attach a Spotlight Report that includes the respondents response benchmarked against the aggregate Survey Responses.

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The Thank You + Spotlight Report Option is only avialable with the Corporate and Enterprise License Level.


This feature/tools described here are available with the following license(s) :

Professional and above

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