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Mail Me Condoms

The best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is to use condoms each and every time you have sex. 

We’ve got you covered. For a limited time, if you live in Calaveras County you can now have a safe sex kit mailed directly to you at no cost. Each safe sex kit contains 10 lubricated latex condoms and 10 lube packets. Limit one pack per month.

Maybe it's difficult for you to stop by our office to pick some up or perhaps you’re just too shy to ask. We understand this. That's why Calaveras Public Health Services is starting a new program: sending condoms through the mail! All you have to do is fill out the form below and we'll mail you some.

If you are worried about getting condoms mailed to your house, you can pick up condoms and lube at our office, Public Health Services located at 700 Mountain Ranch Road, Suite C-2. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. For more varieties of condoms or additional information call our office at 754-6460 or email us at pubhealthweb@co.calaveras.ca.us.  Orders with incomplete or incorrect mailing information will not be processed.
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